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This index is based on registration of Tables of Contents (TOCs), received from you, TOCs of books, monographs or Journals like ASAE, BSFE, DE, JARCE, JEA, MDAIK, OMRO, RdE or ZÄS.


Please, first do examine, here and now, the available layouts, then click on so as :

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Returning from a common Journal TOC can be done (a) with the back-arrow” key (top right of your keyboard).   (b) Most often, you will operate through the “float” permanently “hanging” on the Journal's window... , (c) or, for all of them, through the TOCs in Egyptology logo (bottom left of the whole page).


The Scan is a valid tool and produces the “Your reference(s) ” report, a printable layout, but its delay will test your self-control !


However, our preferred approach is to allow a user to read, peacefully and one by one, the TOCs of a specific Journal known accessible to him.   Indeed, the best bibliographic reference is worthless if you don't know where to reach and read it.   This is why, to the best of our possibilities, we try to indicate, on the header of the journal, a known “Reading location”.


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